Honey Hollow Boer Goats

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We have decided to focus more on our fullblood doe herd so we are offering what we think to be our four best wether producing does. All are proven producers, three are Honey Hollow does and one is a commercial Teel doe. All does are exposed to Post Rock Mortgage Lifter #10712893 (147 ABGA points) since 8/3/19. $550 each or $2000 for all four. FMI: 319-430-4332

GRI Honey Hollow Steeley Heart (10597437) 1/6/13 75% S2 Steeley Dan, ANR 39V 16 points

TRV GRI Honey Hollow Steeley Brass Echo (10697612) 2/5/15 88% Captain Marvel, S2 Steeley Dan

GRI Honey Hollow Polar Blast (10597444) 1/20/13 88% Polar Express, Cat in the Hat, GJT1 Empire’s Roman Ruler

Commercial Teel doe #72 born spring 2015

Fall color alert. Here’s an opportunity to put some color in your herd. Three paint does and one traditional doe (out of a solid red doe). All are proven producers and have been exposed to our champion red % buck, Half Blood Prince #10823249, since 8/3/19. Prince’s sire is a red dapple. Buck $750; does $550 each or $2000 for all four. FMI: 319-430-4332

Beyer Patch Divinity Swirl (10668106) 12/28/13 75% - Windrush Thrill, Cat in the Hat, Polar Express

Beyer Patch Fancy Pants (10738115) 2/6/16 88% - Cat in the Hat, Ship Power Plant

Beyer Patch Glad Rags (10738783) 1/2/17 99.9%- MADI Kronos, Cat’s Polar Prize

Honey Hollow Cerise (10729546) 2/20/16 50% -AFB2 Face It (not pictured)

Reference Sires


Captain Marvel

Cat in the Hat

Polar Express

Chicken on a Chain

Our bucks; Cat's Polar Prize & Polar Cat
Contact us at     319-430-4332      or email:       rongrier@netins.net