Honey Hollow Boer Goats

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GRI Honey Hollow Foo Fighter


REG: 10713598

DOB: 3/22/16


Here is your buck if you need to add bone and length to your breeding program. He gets his strong head and extended neck and front end from his sire, MADI Kronos *Ennobled*. He has solid pigment and perfect bite. His sire was ennobled with the first three kids in the show ring. Dam’s side is packed full with Cat in the Hat, Polar Express, High C and EGGS bloodlines. He is a proven breeder with awesome kids on the ground and DNA tested.

GRI Honey Hollow Fantasia

American Purebred 94%

REG #10737460

DOB: 3/27/16


Here is a dark headed American Purebred that you can show or breed. She has a pretty head and neck, strong top and great feet and legs. Perfect bite, solid pigment and 1 x 1 teats. Sire by Honey Hollow Cross Bo and out of a favorite big framed doe that goes back to Sisters2 Steeley Dan.

GRI Honey Hollow Double K

Fullblood 100%

REG# 10737464

DOB: 1/5/17


Looking for a winner? Here’s a chance to own proven winning genetics. Sire by MADI Kronos *Ennobled*, who sired the 2016 Overall Grand Champion Doe in Oklahoma, Arkansas and East Texas State Fairs, as well as Maddie Fenton’s Pure Allure with 57 points. She is built right with solid square design and a pretty striking head. Don’t let this one get away!

GRI Catawampas

American Purebred 94%

Reg # 10729542

DOB: 12/29/15


This light headed American Purebred yearling has a long and wide loin, level top and good structure. She is built wide front to back, good bite and 2 x 2 teats. Pigment is 25%. Sired by AFB2 Face It, a Face the Facts son. Dam is double bred The Big Cat. You can make wethers or breeding animals with this one.


GRI Bernadette

American Purebred 94%

Reg # 10729543

DOB: 12/29/15


This dark headed 94% American Purebred is big boned with a strong level top and a round rib shape. She has a wide horn set, good bite and pigment with 2 x 2 teats. Her body type comes from her sire, AFB2 Face It, an Absolute grandson. Her dam is double bred TH The Big Cat with Polar Express and Cat in the Hat thrown in. Raised as a bottle baby, she is easy to handle.

GRI Bel Viso

50 %

REG # 10729545

DOB: 12/30/15


Wether maker! Here’s a medium framed doe with everything you need to make some winners. Good length, level top and correct structure. Good bite, good pigment and 2 x 2 teats with a wide horn set. Breeding by Face It, a Face the Facts son out of a 900 bred doe over an Oklahoma wether bred doe.

Wether IA6774 0477

Sire: AFB2 Face It  Reg #10638350


A proven genetic package. How about a full brother to the 2016 Tall Corn Reserve Champion? Slightly smaller framed than our other entries – he’ll probably show in the mid-weight class. Table top level down the back, round ribbed and muscle to spare. Sired by AFB2 Face It and out of a medium framed % doe. This one takes the guess work out of your selection.

Wether IA6774 0484

Sire: AFB2 Face It  Reg #10638350


This dark-headed guy is the real deal.  Huge top, clean wide chest and plenty of twist. He is structurally correct and has plenty of bone. Twin to our first lot, he is sired by AFB2 Face It and out of “TC”, one of our best wether producers. You can take this one home or spend all summer wishing you did.



IA6774 0476

Sire: MADI Kronos  REG#10678798


This lemon headed wether is very impressive with his structural width. Very wide clean chest that carries all the way to the rear. Round ribs and a wide long loin.  We didn’t buy his sire, Kronos to make wethers, but give this one a hard look.  Dam is a Beyer Patch doe with a dead-level top line.




wether IA6774 0476