Honey Hollow Boer Goats

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Honey Hollow Girl's Legacy is going to be a favorite, sired by  MADI Kronos *Ennobled* and dam is EX2 JRP1 That's my Girl plus a bottle baby:)  and yes, she is spoiled.

New Addition: 2BBT Foxy, Strategic Power, Main Event, Wide Load and Big John all rolled into one stylish doe! 

A new addition: 4-L Boer Goats Miss Smokey. We're excited to add some more JRP1 Extra Smoke *Ennobled* genetics to our herd

 GRI Honey Hollow Dream Team Delight

"Doe of Excellence"

GRI Honey Hollow Daft Punk
BD: 10/12/14

Gri Honey Hollow

Enchanted Rouge

BD: 1/3/15

GRI Honey Hollow

Kidd's Eclipse

BD: 2/3/15

GRI Honey Hollow

Desert Rose

BD: 11/3/14

Overall Reserve Grand Champion Commercial Doe, IMGA Show 2015

EX2 JRP1 Thats My Girl
Reserve Grand Champion Full Blood
Minne-goat-a Show 2

Honey Hollow Melody

Boer cross x ANR 39V


Steeley Heart

 S2 Steeley Dan x GRI Gypsy