Honey Hollow Boer Goats

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GRI REGEL Honey Hollow Geronimo.  This is one awesome young buck, sire by REGEL Indian Outlaw and dam, EGGS Eggspect A Rose, he already has 71 points at less then six months old.  Thanks, Austin Pagel for the winning genetics! 

MADI Kronos *Ennobled* - this buck was ennobled with his first three kids that stepped into the show ring. 

AFB2 Face It, this buck adds muscle, length, width and round ribs to his kids. That big forearm carries on in his kids, too. I need to find a current photo of him because he is still just as awesome. 

GRI Honey Hollow Cross Bo 3/4/14

SGR Cat's Polar Prize - sire: Ward's Cat in the Hat, grandsire: Back 2 Nature Polar Express

SGR Cat's Polar Prize


GJT1 A20 Polar Cat  sire: Polar Express, grandsire: - Cat in the Hat

GJT1 A20 Polar Cat - all views are great!